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One-shot comic

Written by: Alex Wills, Brad Hansen, and Athena Stamos
Art by: Claudio Muñoz
Colors by: Matt Olson
Lettering: Eduardo Camacho

Had me laughing throughout. Surprisingly good characterisation, given that we’re required to emotionally invest in insect protagonists over just a few pages.
— Carl Doherty, SHELF ABUSE
Entertaining... A great homage and reversal on a genre that frankly doesn’t exist anymore in cinema. Classic monster movie fans will appreciate it.
— Dustin Cabeal, COMIC BASTARDS


Journalist / Sr. Team Member

Full text from prominent articles coming soon.
-- Work in Progress --

  • The Men Who Could Have Been Bond

  • BCW-007: James Bond Locations

  • BCW8: 007 in New York

  • The John Cork CBn Interview

  • The Jeff Marshall CBn Interview

  • The Richard Kiel CBn Interview

Designed by: Athena Stamos Pencils by: Brad Hansen Inking and Colors by: Paul Hanley

Mash-Up Design

Inking and Colors by: Paul Hanley
Designed by: Athena Stamos & Brad Hansen


It’s been said throughout the many regenerations of The Doctor that his real name is unpronounceable. Though perhaps we have a hint of what that unpronounceable name could be in Tom Baker’s The Armageddon Factor. In that episode it is revealed that at the Academy on Gallifrey he went by Theta Sigma (or Thete). So perhaps the answer to the question “Doctor Who?” is a longer drawn-out version of Theta Sigma. Romana is short for Romanadvoratrelundar after all.
— Athena Stamos, Host of Star Cars and Lifelong Doctor Who Fan