Creative Professional
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Athena Stamos: Photographer

Model: Erica Nese

Client: Carrie's Pilates Plus
Personal Trainer: Leslie Karpman

Two page photo spread of April Glover in
Healthy Horizons: Health & Wellness Magazine

Wedding Photography: Neil and Marie

Fundraiser: EDL Foundation
[formerly the JNF Foundation]

Recording Artist: Ricky Rebel

Actor/Comedian: Kevin Kittridge

Knife Thrower: Jack Dagger

- Photography Portfolio -

Wedding Photography: Joan and Paul

Client: FINSPO Mermaid Tails by Amanda Avery
Model: Lauren DeAngelus

Client: The Beverly Center
Hunky Santa (Kyle Shaw) with Rose McGowan +1

Client: Carrie's Pilates Plus
Personal Trainer: Jilleo Recio

Client: GraphicLab Tees
Models: Nick Murphy and Erica Nese

Actor/Comedian: Travis Richey